Support Options

Your gift in support of Memory Matters’ mission is a lasting tribute to loved ones who have lived with dementia. You are creating a legacy that will help to provide critical services and programs for others in need for year to come.

All gifts are meaningful. We encourage you to share your blessings with others to capture and share the spirit of giving.

You can help Memory Matters through:

  • Cash Donation
  • Planned Giving
  • Product Donations
  • Life Insurance
  • Policy Stocks
  • Wills and Estate
  • Trust Funds
  • Real Estate
  • Matching Gifts (Companies and Employees)
  • Family Endowment

Contact your professional advisor for help or advice on how to arrange for a gift. A financial planner, lawyer, accountant or insurance agent can help to make sure you get the maximum tax and legal advantages allowed for your gift.

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