Compass Program

Compass Day Program engages mild- to moderate-level cognitively impaired participants in mental and physical stimulation through music, drama, art, yoga, exercise and mind-stimulating games. It breaks down barriers of social isolation by providing camaraderie and fellowship, which includes a nutritious Mediterranean-style lunch. It also offers caregivers an important five-hour respite period, and access to counseling through peer support groups and private clinical session with a licensed professional counselor.

Typical daily activities include:

  • Brain-healthy hot lunch
  • Socialization
  • Art therapy
  • Exercise such as yoga and dancing
  • Music therapy
  • Drama
  • Pet therapy
  • Mind-challenging games
  • Intergenerational programs with school-aged children
  • Storytelling and creative writing

The program operates in our headquarters at 117 Wm. Hilton Parkway in Hilton Head. It costs $75/day, which is typically five hours of activity, including a brain-healthy catered lunch. Fee assistance is available for participants based on ability to pay. Contact us online now to inquire about signing up, or call us at (843) 842-6688.