Services We Offer

Brain Boosters

With up to 500 trillion synaptic connections, your brain is easily the most powerful machine in the world. These connections are what create your thoughts, what drive your emotions, and what controls your behavior. Your brain is constantly changing through a process known as brain plasticity. Learn More >>

Confidential Memory Screenings

Anyone concerned about memory loss or experiencing warning signs of dementia; whose family and friends have noticed changes in them; or who believe they are at risk due to a family history of Alzheimer's disease or a related illness.

Benchmark screenings also are appropriate for anyone who does not have a concern right now, but who wants to receive a memory baseline for future comparisons. Learn More >>


Our proactive Connections program encourages strong cognitive stimulation, using cutting-edge digital and hands-on technology to improve visual, language, memory and spatial skills. The program also incorporates yoga and meditation to promote a sense of well-being. Learn More >>


Our highly interactive Compass program engages participants in mental and physical stimulation through music, drama, art, yoga, exercise and mind-stimulating games. It breaks down barriers of social isolation by providing camaraderie and fellowship. Learn More >>

Caregiver Resources & Support

Memory Matters operates multiple caregiver support groups offering resources, information, tips and tools. They are a safe, confidential venue to share concerns with Memory Matters’ certified dementia care specialists.

An added bonus is the opportunity to network with other caregivers. Group participants share ideas about what works, what doesn't, what resources are helpful, and the common experience of caring for someone with dementia. Learn More >>